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Recent Sewing Haul

I have picked up a few miscellaneous budget sewing bits and pieces recently and thought I would share my random finds here! First up is a vintage picture, which i’m planning to put up on my sewing room notice board or wall. I got it from a vintage fair a few months back now, and just though it was a cute pic to decorate with. Its was around five pound, I haven’t put it up yet as I may look for a few other little prints to go along with it!

16 may 001

Next up is this CUTE  beret wearing spotty dog fabric. I’m a lover of anything novelty and dog adorned so this was right up my street! I have no clue what to make with it at all though! Its fairly transparent, very lightweight and I have around 1.5 meters, any pattern ideas would be great!

september 254

Next up and my fave of the lot has to be my garment labels. Finally I bought some, and I wish I had sooner. They make my items look so much more finished and polished. I went for a fairly big size as I will mainly be using them in outerwear and pinafores that I will be making over Autumn winter! They are good quality too, not too shiny and quite thick.  I only bought a small batch so they weren’t too expensive!

september 260

I picked this new sewing storage case up from Aldi courtesy of there middle random aisles which I can never resist! It was only a fiver and came in black and pink too. It a really good size and I bought it with having it as my on the move sewing box as the one in my sewing room is a bit too decorative to take out and about. I really like it, its big and has a top shelf and fits loads in!

september 268

september 269

Next up sticking with the supermarket theme is, a few over locking cones from Lidl. They aren’t massive so that’s probably why they where cheap, I think it was two for three pound, which is pretty fair. I always run out of black so these are an essential for my sewing stock!

september 256

My sewing room/ space is never complete without a million note books jotted about with my random lists and sewing scrawl on! So this little beauty from tkmaxx is very welcome to join the crew. The insides great as its got a few pull of sticky notes which is handy for popping on things as I ew. I am a stationary obsessive, and can be made very happy with a fresh notebook and this one hasn’t disappointed.

september 261

I picked up a pack of assorted storage pouches from good old home bargains. I got about four in a pack and think there great for oragnising sewing bits and hopefully means less bits will get lost. Obv there handy as there transparent, and have little dividers in them to separate your bits. They make for handy size travel sewing kits too!

september 266


september 250

So that concludes my mini sewing haul. Happy sewing !!!!



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