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Ugliest Item In My Wardrobe

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I kind of love ‘ugly’ clothes, every now and then I fall for a ridiculous item that most people would call ugly. I do struggle to get much wear out of such items as they can be tricky to pull of and some people like to look offended when they see me in them. In the past I have actually   had colleagues asking me why im wearing an item and getting annoyed or bemused when I would! I’m specifically remembering a bright red cropped wool jacket with huge buttons, it was named my  borrower jacket as the buttons where to big apparently! One of my best ugly items was a coat. The brightest puffer coat ever, it had mini sequins adorned over different patches of clashing neon coloured patterns. It was so jazzy and loud and the best coat ever, my boyfriend actually met me around the time I owned it which says a lot as it was quite the sight to behold and not for the weak hearted!


So I thought I would share the ‘Ugliest item in my wardrobe’ with you at the moment. I call it the birthday jumper. It was from a charity shop, my sister found it and handed it to me straight away- she knows whats up! It has no labels in which makes sense as I’m pretty certain its handmade. I love it! Its like the happiest jumper ever. I like to wear it on birthdays for obvious reasons! I love how childlike it is and retro too! I love the bright green and im a massive knitwear lover also! Basically not your everyday jumper, but who doesn’t want to eat a piece of bday cake rocking this little number?

jumper 1

Any way I may just have to dust it off and don it as I’ve got a Nan turning 81 tomorrow! Whats the ugliest item lurking in your wardrobe?













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