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Caped Crusader

I have a big love for outerwear, coats, jackets, capes, I love them all. I have a soft big soft spot for capes especially. To me they never go out of style, they are dead fun to wear and are a nice change from a standard jacket. I am going to share the most recent cape make of mine- I say recent its probably getting on for two years old now.

june 2016 611

june 2016 609

For this make, instead of going for a classic vintage style fabric which would compliment the cape style, I chose a geometric busy print to bring a more modern edge to the look. I also made it in the shorter version which in hindsight, I regret as I like to be cosy and warm and I would of enjoyed the extra length. The fabric is a lovely soft wool type, and is quite good quality, no obvious wear or bobbling yet!

march 7th 174

The pattern I used was New look 6007. Its a super easy pattern and quite an enjoyable make, I have used it a good few times making capes for others and would definitely recommend it. I would advise adding an extra fastening when finished as the waist tie isn’t going to keep the top of the cape closed too.

I think this is a perfect autumn wardrobe staple. For when I don’t fancy putting a big winter coat on but want to be warm this always fits the bill!

march 7th 142

I found this vintage cape pattern at a really fun warehouse/ flea market set up a few weekends back and couldn’t leave without it. I am yet to even open it up, I know it is going to be way too small for me, but I am sure I can make it work, I’m a little tempted to try and find a similar hat too to really channel that look!


augs 023

I’m sure when I eventually get around to making up this pattern I will do a post on it and show the results compared to my trusty current cape pattern! Are you in the cape club or think they should just be kept to cartoon heroes and villains ?


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