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Mindfulness For Tots – Turtle Tots

At the beginning of the year my sister Lucy and I decided on collaborating on a new venture together. We wanted to combine both our interests and strengths into a something we could do together, that we would enjoy and maybe give us a little extra cash. We quickly decided on a Tots group as, living in cold rainy Britain my sister often struggles to find fun things to do with her two year old little boy Theo. We decided on a mindfulness morning, which pretty much encompasses a weekly theme, with a craft at the beginning usually making a prop used for our yoga section. Then we have a meditation, and circle time where we talk about things that we are grateful for or that make us happy and then of course end with a relevant story to the theme of the session.

tots logog

It made sense as Lucy is a yoga teacher and I take care of the crafting side of things. We found a lovely space to rent, which is great with a sandpit and murals on the wall and a big magic tree! We began with one session and have taken it up to two over the summer while we have been busy. We are planning on keeping it at two sessions from now on as we have had more tots coming than we had originally expected!

30th july 2017 105

30th july 2017 103


Some of the most successful sessions have included the beach theme, when all the tots practiced surfing!! We also had a visit from Gordon the bird joining us at circle time on pirate week, and native American week was fun all sat around the tissue paper fire! The yoga is always kept fun and in keeping with the theme, so on warrior week, they all used their shields to work there way through the poses!

augu 002

30th july 2017 060

I have ideas coming out of my ears for our up coming autumn sessions and of course for Christmas!!! Lucy and I are totally enjoying how its going and hanging around with toddlers is definitely a lot of fun! I will do a few more posts on what we have been up to over the next few months, as it could serve for some crafty inspo for you and your own tots!



Bye for now! x


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