Everest Base Camp: Kit list- Women

I thought this would be handy as when I was planning my EBC trip I had no clue on what on earth I needed. Even when reading recommended lists I was sort of not believing I would need certain things and thinking I needed other things that were not on there, I don’t know why I just couldn’t get my head around it.

So im writing this form the perspective of a 28 year old woman who didn’t want to take too much stuff!!! I’m not going to put every thing down like a toothbrush etc, there is plenty of full kit lists out there. I am just going to put my main most used/ appreciated items, that I would of been lost without, and things you may not of thought of.

Lets begin;

Sunglasses– You need them simple, the suns out, its in you eyes it goes without saying! Also when you want to cover your swollen tear stained eyes from the aftermath of altitude sickness crying you’ll be glad you’ve got them!

Woolly hat/ Beanie- Its cold you need one trust me you will even sleep in it the higher you climb! Obviously your hair will need covering a lot too, I washed mine once on the trek- eww.

Sunhat/Cap- I didn’t take one and had to fashion one out of my buff and a hairband, I looked deranged! You need a cap, for when its super sunny and you’re out in the open, you need to protect your head!

Buff- I wore mine loads, especially when you get the niggly little cough that can come along with altitude sickness, great for wearing in bed too. Also great for covering your nose in gross toilet situations, It really was a life saver!

Down jacket- Complete staple, I bought one, my Dad rented his out there and said it was great so two options if your not keen on spending out. Make sure its the recommended level of down.

Waterproof/Windproof jacket- To be worn on its own and also over the down jacket. I purchased mine in a size or two up and made sure if fitted over my down. Again a necessity.

oct 2016 028

Down Sleeping bag – I rented mine as they are mega expensive, and was totally happy with it, it really did the job and I would of been lost without it. I personally think this is one of the most important bits of kit!!!!

Walking boots- Common sense but when you have got your boots wear them in on a few decent hikes. Mine were fairly inexpensive but where brilliant and waterproof!

Really comfy bra’s- I took a couple of comfy sports bras, I would not of been down with wearing a normal bra on the trek hell no!

Shorts/Pants With short option- I actually wore my shorts a few times more on the ascent. I had some pants that had zip off sections which was quite handy as your temp can go up and down, I was surprised as I didn’t think I would be donning shorts at any point and I did. It was a nice opportunity to display my huge insect bites off too!

Comfy Trouser Situation- I saw a lot of gals walking in leggings which I actually did take but they where the fleece lined more under wear type not sporty ones. In hindsight I wished I had taken a pair of sporty leggings instead. I wore trekking pants which was fine and I felt nice and covered up but for comfort, when its not to cold I think leggings would have been great. Also I lost weight on the trip so leggings would of been handy as they’re grippy, I had to borrow my dads belt which was totally uncomfy and not the most stylish look! So yeah sporty leggings!

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Comfy Trousers- Evening- I did take a pair of tracksuit bottoms which I wore Most evenings and slept in every night! Gross I know but they where warm and comfortable and the closest thing to wearing pjs.

Fleece Trousers- I took some fleece lined walking trousers which where fantastic. I mainly wore them on rest days and when it was super chilly. I bought them a size too big so I could layer them up over  my fleecy pair of leggings for ultimate warmth!

Enough socks- Take two pairs of mega warm high quality socks, then a couple of level down pairs and also take enough normal everyday socks for the evenings so you have something fresh to put on. Every evening I used wipes and antibacterial gel all over my feet to give them a thorough clean then I popped some talc over to get rid of any moisture. -Look after your feet!

Trainers – Again another pair of shoes or trainers is vital for after finishing your walk, Its amazing to put a comfy pair of light trainers on and give your feet a rest!!!! I took some really lightweight runners.

Snacks- I made little snack packages for along the journey, not one for everyday, but around ten maybe. I put in sweets choc, cereal bars, full chocolate bars a variety in each one. It helped me get though the walk and I can’t live without choc so to me it was an absolute essential! when my Dad and Brother first saw my little ‘survival snack packages’ they thought it was ridiculous but they where totally reaping the benefits when I would crack one open!

Music- Even though its kind of difficult to charge any devices, it’s still worth having some decent music at hand. I was surprised how long my phone lasted on airplane mode, and it did eventually run out of battery, but like the survival snack bags, if you just allocate for the odd hour of music here and there it totally makes the difficult times easier! FYI – Disney ballads and Drake where my motivation music.

Spf/ Suncream –  I didn’t take any, I had a nose that Rudolph would be shocked at. It definatly made the sherpas, porters and locals laugh when they saw me.

A Good Book- My book was crap absolutely crap which I was gutted about when I struggled to sleep or was bored of playing cards. I actually had a lot of trouble sleeping throughout the trek I have no idea why! Therefore a decent book would of entertained me and distracted me from the snores of the other tea house guests. A good book would of been a nice escape and reward for harder days. I should of just taken a classic like Harry Potter, but we live and learn, FYI I took a book on psychic pets which was absolute garbage.

Earplugs- Along with the belt I think I may of stolen these from my dad, but they where great. I had never in my life worn earplugs but they where life saviour. As lovely as it is to listen in on a skype call from the yank in the next room to his wife, its not great when your actually about to drift off. Also the walls are like paper and peoples snoring games where strong, my dads probably the strongest! So if your a light sleeper or take a while to drift off take some.

Head-torch– I had a really good one with a few settings, I used it every night. You need one for night time, inside and out, for nipping the loo in the night and if you want to read!

Notebook- I didn’t actually take one, although my dad did and he wrote in it daily. He passed it on to me recently so I could have a little peruse and it reminded me of so many things I would of forgotten! It was really funny and im glad he jotted so much down and saw his perspective of such a cool experience. Again nice to do when you are cold, tired and need a little distraction!

So they are my essentials! There are so many things I could of put on the list all the obvious ones like a camera, etc, but these where the things I relied on and wanted the most!! My advice is don’t go mad on the packing, but pack a little for your personality, if treats are important to you, or dry shampoo, or even make up, pack it whatever makes you feel comfy and happy!

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