Thrifty Make- The Denim Crop

I quite enjoy a bit of thrifting now and again, I have to be in the mood and when it strikes I’m out there like a magpie looking for little gems within the confines of charity shops second hand shops, online and any random place really….. you never know where you may find a diamond in the rough!

june 2016 489

With this in mind, I thought I would share a make of mine that combined left over fabric from my stash and some thrifted denim I got my hands on for free! I was in one of my favourite little shops in wales which sells vintage and handmade clothing / accessories.   At the till I clocked a pile of old Levi jeans, I beagn looking through the pile to see what condition they were in and what not, when the girl who owned the shop got chatting to me and said I could just have them for free as she wasn’t interested in selling them. So, I took them already with an idea of what to up-cycle them into.

june 19th 098

I made this super relaxed denim crop top, in a bardot style off the shoulder look with short mini sleeves. I left the hem raw as I liked the look, I also like the seam detail from the original jeans running down the centre of the top. The jeans where all a bit different and the denim was nice and softened and had a nice vintage feel yet in great condition.

june 2016 683

Essentially this top was free for me to make as I had the lacy fabric in my stash for sooo long, left over from another project years ago, and obviously the denim was free. It literally took no time at all and I really like the overall relaxed summery vibe, It’s a really handy top to take away on holidays too. I like it so much I re-created it and did a few different versions of it, which have ended up on my depop and etsy.

I think im about due for another thrifting session now its been a while!!



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