Boho Bunting

Bunting bunting bunting, its just a thing that every sewer makes a some point or another. A lot of the time its a first time project for new sewers, which makes sense as it’s easy and quick. I have a bit of a love hate relationship with it. Its just that nothing bores me more than a standard, pretty ditsy floral print flag bunting. I think its pretty don’t get me wrong, but im kind of just over it. I think its the garden center/ over 40s /WI vibes that puts me off. Despite this I do often make up bunting for people, I am not adverse to dogs, woodland animals and other patterned bunting which is usually received well and is great for kids.

Although that stuff doesn’t excite my soul either so I came up with my boho bunting, and it is what I mainly focus on when bunting making calls me. Its such a refreshing change and definitely a more modern update. I have made boho bunting for people putting on summer parties and events and Its proved popular at fairs too. Its great for outside with its bohemian hippie, festival feel. Alternatively it would be great for an outdoor relaxed wedding, or to just jazz up a wall in your home through the sunnier months.

I like to mix different textures together and clash patterns or just use unexpected fabrics. I feel like I can go a bit mad with it and certainly not keep it too matchy matchy.  I am all about bright colours, aztec patterns and a bit of lace or crotchet vibes. I keep the flags quite big to so they are more of a statement, also I don’t make it super neat, as im trying to stay away from the prim and proper style. So its a little rough around the edges more vibrant and striking.

jan 24.17 063

Whats your favourite type of bunting to make?




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