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Book Recommendation Trio

I have three books that I just have to recommend for anyone who may not have read them or are looking for some summer reads. Two are non fiction one is fiction. They are all the same type of theme, that being, spirituality, reflection and growth, so if your not into that this is not the post for you! If you are read on ;

june 19th 050

The Secret-  (non fiction) I’m sure every one and there dog has heard of and most probably read it, so im not going to repeat whats already been said and what is common knowledge. Although if you have not read it and are into self growth, spirituality and newly learning about the law of attraction read it asap. I would urge you to re-read it though if you have already read it, as its one of them that can always serve as reminder for those who follow the L.O.A and help keep you on track. Its so easy to just read a few quotes or a chapter to set you up for the day and get your mind right! I actually think any of the Rhonda Byrne books are great even though they are all pretty similar I think the hero is a really great one if your over reading the secret and fancy a slight change!

june 19th 051

The Noticer – (fiction) This is an amazing book, Its a really easy read, its a story about everyday people and there struggles, the main character ‘Jones’ is like a magical angel who is there to guide and help the people in varying different ways. Through the story amazing wisdom is shared and the power of perception is shown, I found certain parts really thought provoking and its a great example on how gaining some perspective can totally change and re-set you up within your own life. A lovely story with some substance you can relate to your own life.

june 19th 052

Conversations With God (book 4) – (non fiction) It literally is what the title would have you believe, a guy chatting away with god. For most people I am sure this book is way too far out and wacky, but if you can handle it and not judge it then its for you. I think its flipping fantastic, legit most of it is exceptional. I am just nodding my head along the whole read thinking yep, your right, etc. Its one of those books that requires a highlighter to make a note of all the best bits. I haven’t read all the other volumes but it has not mattered to me. Although the info in this book is not new news to me it still makes some amazing points about, life planet earth and where us humans are headed. Not for the faint hearted or newbies to the spiritual route but none the less its great!

june 19th 053

Happy Reading !!



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