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Ultimate Trendies’

We all know of them, maybe some people aspire be them, but I just want to moan and marvel about there commitment to never skipping a trend so here goes;

Ultimate Trendies as I am calling them, in my opinion lack majorly in creativity or personal taste, hear me out. These ultimate trendies are the girls and boys out there that literally buy into every and any trend going. You know the type, or at least you will do after reading this!

Female ; Usually in her twenties, potentially lives at home with parents, or significant other if they are blessed enough to have found a decent male trendy. Works in average job to fund over excessive trendy led social media lifestyle. Loves snapchat, facetune and filters. Enjoys only prosecco, cocktails or Starbucks. Must have the Latest I phone in rose gold with a marble case and the big fluffly pom pom keyring. Most likely wearing Stan smiths, ripped jeans, a fur gillet, a fedora, a red lip, oversized mega brows, kylie lip kit, black base ball cap (kim k style). Most likely drives fiat 500 / Audi. Wears heavy highlight and potential lip fillers. Main goal is to obtain higher status by being gifted by themselves or significant other a designer pair of shoes that they can’t pronounce so they can post picture with caption, ‘‘treats from me to me’’ or ‘’He gives the best surprises’’.  Down time is spent watching the Kardashians and planning for a pose filled holiday in Ibiza, Marbella or Vegas, where matching kaftans and high waist 80s style bikinis are required with a curly blow for a pool party, and fun is restricted to a minimum as sufficient photo evidence needs to be obtained to prove you are having fun and exhibit potential new enhancements- boob job/ designer sandals/ holiday wardrobe.



fiat 500


Male; Beard, Top knots, tribal tatts, David Beckam sleeves, snap backs, steroid induced muscles, v neck tee shirts with man boobs showing, boat shoes with no socks, trips to Thailand with the lads, fake interest in house music, aspires/drives a bmw, you get the drift.

My annoyance lies in that it’s not logical to genuinely get on board and like every trend. Surely if you had personal taste and opinions at some point you may think, nah I’m not into that rose gold It doesn’t go with much or, I don’t like the whole choker trend I think it’s cheap looking, or thick slug brows look daft on my little pea head. I mean not every trend suits every person. We are all different and suit different shapes, colours, silhouettes, make up and general style. Yet an ultimate trendy would not even take that into account, if it’s in Topshop or a blogger has worn it or it’s a thing on Instagram they must have it too!

It’s kind of scary though because it goes further than the superficial stuff like clothes and cars, and it filters through to lifestyle and physicality. Literally Kim K has a fake everything along with a million other celebs and now people are trying to emulate them. I have no understating as to why, but boob jobs, bum jobs, lip fillers, botox, fillers, tattooed makeup, eyebrow obsessions, and girls squatting like it’s a do or die situation is just the norm now, it’s sheer madness. Guess what the kardashians or insta models or celebs these trendies are trying to emulate look RIDICULOUS. Its crazy because pretty, attractive young women with perfectly lovely figures are trying to make themselves often look worse and are ruining their best assets and looks in the process. Like why do you want a big fat ass when you are a petite size 8 with a lovely set of legs, you are already good looking enough! What is so wrong with your lips that you pay to get them injected with a random concoction of chemicals? People are paying to have all sorts of stuff injected into them to make sure they are following the current trend. Well there going to have to get it all reversed when fake is out and natural is in. -Although I wouldn’t forecast that for a while!

lip fillereyebrow

I think it’s all gone a little crazy and of course social media and its competitive nature is probably the catalyst. All the spanx, make up, surgery, beauty treatments, credit cards, debt, overtime, sugar daddies, all for what? So, you can say you have something or look a certain way. Ask yourself this trendies’, what do you like? what do you suit? what are you interested in? Be authentic with something and stop trying to keep up with the Kardashians or whoever it is you follow?

The ironic thing is that a trendy would NEVER EVER inspire or start a trend they would never have the guts to go out on a limb and do their own thing, but they will be the first ones rocking that trend as soon as they see a few other people do it! And so is the circle of life for an ultimate trendy!


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